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the actual journal the kids the days the elise retreat retreat
i gave up everything for...
a 1983 ideology
depressed and no one reads this.

i am over you and now i have nothing
i though maybe you, but you thought it was nothing

and, yes, this is a cry for help
then god is 7
done with finals. destroyed social psychology. someone put freaks and geeks on the network.

words can not describe.

i feel:: satisfied satisfied

then god is 7
then god is 7
i am catherine earnshaw

i hear:: i was the dancer by parenthetical girls

then god is 7
fall break is over and i have just returned to wesleyan. uchicago is a crazy place. i LOVED it. and i love charell and i miss her already.
pictoral evidenceCollapse )

i feel:: bouncy bouncy
i hear:: tim, i wish you were born a girl by of montreal

then god is 7
No No No No
I did not become someone different
I did not want to be
But I’m new here
Will you show me around

No matter how far wrong you’ve gone
You can always tournaround
Met a woman in a bar
Told her I was hard to get to know
And near impossible to forget
She said i had an ego on me
The size of Texas

Well I’m new here and I forget
Does that mean big or small

Turnaround turnaround turnaround

And I’m shedding plates like a snake
And it may be crazy but I’m the closest thing I have
To a voice of reason

Turnaround turnaround turnaround
And you may come full circle and be new here again

i feel:: cynical cynical
i hear:: I'm New Here-Smog-A River Ain't Too Much to Love

then god is 7
today was the much anticipated recording of THE band (aka literatti gliteratti...aka my band...aka me singing showtunes, kate banging on things and dana making weird noises)

we churned out 23 minutes of straight audio orgasms that should be availible on the internet pretty soon.

so yeah...it went down like thisCollapse )

i feel:: content content
i hear:: literatti gliteratti does showtunes!

if the devil is 4 then then god is 7
whenever people ask me about wesleyan, i always say that it's a really surreal place. however, i have never had any pictoral evidence or blatantly obvious examples until nowCollapse )

i feel:: happy happy
i hear:: debaser by the pixies

then god is 7
fucker who pulled the fire alarm at the of montreal show,

dear public safety,
fuck you assholes for not letting them play after the idiot pulled the fire alarm. you can suck my giant balls.

dear of montreal,
i love you and please come back to wesleyan.


i feel:: infuriated infuriated
i hear:: i want to dance by of montreal

if the devil is 1 then then god is 7
though right now, i am incredibly bored, i can honestly say that i really like it here. however, living in hewitt BLOWS and i wouldn't recommend it to anyone. whatever. i'll make do. i haven't been taking a lot of pictures, but here are a few

funfunfunCollapse )

i feel:: good good
i hear:: the state that i am in by belle and sebastian

if the devil is 1 then then god is 7